WAG 21-03-03-a.

For an active client, approve Postsecondary Education if it appears to be the best choice for the client and the client meets the work requirement, if applicable. The client must:

  1. have a high school diploma or GED;
  2. enroll in a program administered by a school of higher education accredited by the State Board of Higher Education or the Department of Professional Regulation;
  3. have the ability and interest needed for success in the program, as determined by test results, educational/training background, and talking with the client;
  4. enroll full-time, as defined by the school, or as many hours as practical for the family (part-time students must meet the work requirement);
  5. choose a program needed for employment in a recognized occupation;
  6. choose an occupation with job openings available in the area where the client intends to work;
  7. choose the program that is the least costly for supportive services or takes less time to complete, when 2 or more programs are available;
  8. apply for available educational benefits, such as the Pell grant, a monetary award from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and scholarships and grants identified by the school (loans are optional);
  9. for an Associate degree program, not have an Associate or Bachelor degree;
  10. for a Bachelor degree program, not have a Bachelor degree;
  11. not be in an advanced degree program (beyond a Bachelor degree).