PM 21-02-06-i.

Cook Family Community Resource Centers

  1. (Employer) By the 4th day of every month following the month of participation, submits the Work First Referral and Attendance Record (Forms 2606E) to the service provider.
  2. (Other Service Provider) Submits Form 2606 to the Work First service provider verifying Pay-After-Performance (if not in Work Experience) and Supplemental Activity participation.

If the client completes the Pay-After-Performance hours:

  1. (Work First Provider) Reports the client's completed Pay-After-Performance hours and payment amount to the Metro Billing Section of the Bureau of Employability Development Services (BEDS).
  2. (BEDS) Issues the Work First payment by the 10th of the month via:
    • the client's Illinois Link account; or
    • the client's bank account, if in direct deposit; or
    • C-13 voucher.

BEDS only issues the Work First payment when the case is in zero grant reason B.

Downstate Family Community Resource Centers

  1. (FCRC) Verify Pay-After-Performance hours.
    1. (Employer) Returns Form 2606E to the FCRC each month for clients in a work assignment.
    2. (Client) Submits Form 2606 each month to verify their participation in other Pay-After-Performance and/or Supplemental activities.
  2. (FCRC) Issue payment to the client based on the number of completed Pay-After-Performance hours.
    1. Reduce the cash benefit for any Pay-After-Performance hours the client missed and did not make up the same month. Figure the reduction by multiplying the hourly reduction rate (as shown on Form 4044) by the hours missed. Then subtract that amount from the cash benefit to find the new benefit amount. Do not reduce the payment for missed hours in Supplemental activities.
    2. Use TA 31 to issue the payment each month. Enter code 126 (Work First Payment) in Item 80 with the correct payment amount.