PM 21-02-06-h.

  1. (Provider) Sees the client and conducts orientation.
  2. (Provider) Completes an assessment.
  3. (Provider) Revises the RSP to include the Pay-After-Performance and Supplemental activities in which the client is required to participate.
    1. The client and the provider must sign the RSP.
  4. (Provider) Issues the client Job Search Notice and Report (Form 2329J) or a Job Search/Job Readiness form of their own design.
  5. (Provider) Completes Work First Referral and Attendance Record (Form 2606E).
    1. Gives Form 2606E to the client. Sends one copy to the employer, if appropriate. Retains a copy.
  6. (Provider) Engages the client in work-like activities.
  7. (Provider) Completes Form 2151C and returns it to the FCRC referral liaison, who forwards it to the worker who referred the client.
    1. Makes at least 2 attempts to contact the client if the client fails to cooperate. These efforts may include letters and phone calls. See WAG 21-02-06-k.
    2. Sends Form 2151A to the Family Community Resource Center to report noncooperation if the problem is not resolved.