WAG 21-02-06-d.

Figure the number of Pay-After-Performance hours to schedule the client for a calendar month by adding together:

  • the family's expected TANF benefit amount the client would receive if not in Work First;
  • their SNAP benefits;
  • any cash and SNAP recoupment amounts; and
  • any Child Support, School Attendance Initiative, or Activity sanction amount.

NOTE: Do not assign clients to a Work First assignment if they have not cooperated with the sanction reason.

If the TANF unit and the SNAP unit are not the same, prorate the SNAP benefits plus the SNAP recoupment, if any, to determine the TANF unit's share.

Revised text Divide the total benefits by the state minimum wage (see WAG 25-06-08). Drop any fraction of an hour. This is the number of hours per month the client is assigned to a Pay-After-Performance activity.

Figure the weekly hours by dividing the monthly hours by 4. Round up any fraction of an hour. Do not assign clients to a Work First Pay-After-Performance assignment for more than 40 hours per week or 160 hours per month. Do not use work preparation hours and/or study hours to meet Pay-After-Performance hour requirements.