PM 21-02-06-b.

  1. (Client) Makes 20 employer contacts per month while in Work First.
    1. Downstate - submits Job Search Notice and Report (Form 2329J).
    2. Cook - submits Form 2329J or job search form of the provider's design.
  2. (Client) Completes assigned Pay-After-Performance and Supplemental activities.
    1. Clients in a work assignment are expected to meet their employers' performance standards. As long as the employer does not end the placement, the client's performance is considered acceptable.
  3. (FCRC) Verifies participation in Pay-After-Performance and Supplemental activities.
    1. (Downstate FCRC) Collects Monthly Activity Report (Form 2606) from the referral agency, educational program, and/or the Work Experience employer.

      NOTE: Clients assigned to a Work First activity in downstate local offices report employer contacts via Form 2329J, not on the back of Form 2606. 

    2. (Cook FCRC) Collects Work First Referral and Attendance Record (Form 2606E) from the employer (if client is in a work assignment), and/or Monthly Activity Report (Form 2606) for other Pay-After-Performance and Supplemental activities from the referral agency and/or the educational program.