PM 21-02-05-b.

  1. (Client) The client must perform their scheduled work assignment unless they have good cause for missing work.
  2. (Client) The client must complete the required number of employer contacts. They must submit Form 2606 to the employer each month as verification.
  3. (Client) If working less than the required number of weekly participation hours, the client must participate in another Work and Training activity to make up the difference.
  4. (Employer) Submits Form 2606 by 5th day of each month to Family Community Resource Center or to provider to verify client's work assignment hours and other activities.
  5. (Provider) Submits Change/Progress Report (Form 2151A) to the Family Community Resource Center each month and within 2 workdays of any change.
  6. (FCRC) Begin the reconciliation process if the client fails to complete one of the above requirements.
  7. (FCRC) Notify the employer/provider of any changes on Form 2151A within 2 workdays.