PM 21-02-04-b.

  1. (FCRC/Provider) Give the client Job Search Notice and Report (Form 2329J) to report employer contact activities. Complete the number of contacts required and next appointment date.

    NOTE: If Form 2329J is to be submitted by mail each month, give the client a supply of the form. Include the submittal date on the Form 4003 and on each form. 

  2. (FCRC/Provider) During Job Search/Job Readiness sessions, collect, review, and discuss Form 2329J with each client; schedule clients for the next session date, and distribute new Forms 2329J.
    1. For Family Community Resource Center Job Search/Job Readiness, file the completed Form 2329J in the record.
    2. For provider Job Search/Job Readiness, provider keeps Form 2329J (or Job Search/Job Readiness form of their own design) in a file and completes Change/Progress Report (Form 2151A). Provider sends Form 2151A to the Family Community Resource Center monthly and whenever there is a change.
  3. (FCRC/Provider) Begin the reconciliation process if the client fails to attend a session, to submit the form by the due date, or to complete the required employer contacts without good cause.