WAG 21-01-05-d

Once proof is obtained, hold a Multi-disciplinary Staffing (MDS) as soon as possible after the proof of domestic new textor sexual violence is submitted (see PM 19-02-07-c). The purpose of the MDS is to:

  • review the evidence of domestic new textor sexual violence and all available information about the client or applicant,
  • identify service needs,
  • develop options to include in the RSP,
  • review the need for additional referrals or referral actions, and
  • decide if the person is eligible for a new textFamily Violence Exclusion.

The following persons always participate in the MDS:

  • LOA (or designee);
  • caseworker;
  • the caseworker's supervisor; and
  • a domestic new textor sexual violence consultant.

Other professionals or specialists may be included as needed.

Notice of Decision on revised textFamily Violence Exclusion

Notify the applicant or client of the approval or denial of the request for a Family Violence Exclusion.