PM 21-01-04.

When a client reports a barrier, take the following actions:

  1. Ask the client to complete Request for Status Review (Form 2826) in duplicate. Give the copy to the client and file the original in the case record. If the report is made by phone, complete Form 2826 and initial the client signature. Mail a copy to the client with a request for medical documentation.
  2. Update the Responsibility and Services Plan (Form 4003 series).
  3. Obtain any needed proof of the client's status and determine whether a barrier exists.
  4. Notify the client of the decision on their request using Notice of Decision on Status (Form 2827). Complete Form 2827 in triplicate. Send the original to the client and file the first copy in the case record. Send the 2nd copy to other staff who need to know of the client's status.

NOTE: Send Form 2827 within 45 days of the date of the request.

Review the person's status at each REDE and whenever circumstances indicate a change. Tell clients with barriers to immediately report any changes that might affect their status.

A client can request a review of their status when staff determines that they must participate in work and training.