WAG 21-01-01-e.

When work and training activities are part of the family's plan, family members approved for an activity must participate to meet the Activity Requirement. If a family member fails without good cause to take part in their work and training activities, the family may be sanctioned. If they refuse to take part in work and training, the person or the family may be ineligible for cash.

See PM 03-13-02 and PM 03-13-05 regarding the penalties for noncooperation with the Activity Requirement. If the family member fails without good cause or refuses to take part in Work First, the family is ineligible for cash (see PM 21-02-06).

Do not apply a penalty if the client participates in the assessment process but disagrees with the worker about their employment goal or work and training activities to be included in the plan. Such a disagreement must be resolved through reconciliation (see PM 03-13-04).