WAG 21-01-01-c

The Family Community Resource Center or the service provider may approve the client's participation in a specific work and training activity. When doing the Family Assessment or revising the Responsibility and Services Plan, determine whether the client meets the criteria for referral to a service provider.

If they meet the criteria and the service provider has an opening, make the referral. If they don't meet the criteria or there are no openings, the Family Community Resource Center determines the activity with the client and provides all follow-up services.

Provide the client with the following general information about work and training participation during the assessment or review:

  • an overview of work and training activities;
  • exemption and barrier policy;
  • available and appropriate work and training activities;
  • benefits available when employment is obtained, such as Work Pays and the Earned Income Tax Credit;
  • supportive services;
  • good cause and reconciliation; and
  • penalties for noncooperation with the activity requirement.

Consider the following factors before including an activity in the client's plan:

  • level of education and English language skills;
  • ability to meet participation requirements;
  • training or skill needs;
  • emergency intervention (e.g., lack of food, clothing, shelter, etc.). For emergency intervention services, refer the client or help them apply for the Crisis Assistance Program (see PM 06-03-00).

Participation in a specific work and training activity is not required if supportive services are needed for that activity but are not available from the Department or other reasonably accessible sources.

The Family Assessment must include the offer of a reading level test. Refer for literacy testing when:

  • the client requests it,
  • the Family Community Resource Center determines one is warranted to determine what goals or activities would be best suited for them, or
  • the client must meet a certain literacy level to reach their employment goal.

 Refer those to be tested to your local community college or education provider.

With few exceptions, persons testing below a 9.0 grade reading level may be approved for Basic Education as part of their Responsibility and Services Plan for up to 24 months (longer if they are working at least 20 hours per week).

Provide detailed information about the activity to which the client is assigned. Activities may be combined when appropriate:

  • to reach the required number of participation hours per week;
  • to complement one activity with another; or
  • to agree with the client's preference.

new textFor designing a RSP which includes Work and Training activities, see PM 02-09-01.