PM 19-07-04-b

  1. (System ) Produces Redetermination Application (Form 4765 or Form 4764) each month after the close of Schedule 00 for cases with Supplied By code M in Item 80 code 656, and the Item 24 date is the next month. See Mobius Report #84501005, Cases Due For Mail-In Earned Income REDE - EI REDE Forms (Form 4765) & Phone System Interview System (Form 4764).

    NOTE: Cases sent Form 4765 or Form 4764 are not sent the Form 1893 or Form 4893.

  2. (System ) Enters on Form 4765 or Form 4764 the due date (5th calendar day of the next month).
  3. (System ) Sends Form 4765 or Form 4764 and a return envelope the last week of the month before the last month of the approval period (Item 24 date). For example, if Item 24 is 09/09, the form is sent around 08/26/09.
  4. (System ) Sends a monthly report of cases sent Form 4765 or Form 4764 titled, "Cases Due for a Mail-In EZ Redetermination." The report includes Case Name, Case ID, and the Item 24 date, and is broken down by local office and caseload. A report is sent even if no cases are selected.
  5. (FCRC) Date stamp Form 4765 or Form 4764 and wage verifications when received in the local office. The date the form was date stamped is the date of receipt.

    NOTE: If a REDE is not completed using same day processing, register the REDE application. 

  6. (FCRC) Review the responses to the questions and verification received with Form 4765 or Form 4764.   Document in the case record all verification provided and immediately return the items to the unit.

    The income from the the last 30 days must be verified unless a change is reported. If a change is reported use the client's statement of what the earnings will be. The estimate may be based on the person's statement such as but not limited to rate of pay, hours of work, and number of expected paychecks; see PM 13-02-03. Work with the client to get the necessary income information. If the first and last pay stubs for the 30-day period are provided, use "year-to-date" information if available. 

  7. (FCRC) If Form 4765 or Form 4764 is complete and no additional verification is needed, determine eligibility and benefit amount using the income from the last 30 days, see WAG 13-02-03
  8. revised text(FCRC) If eligible, enter a 6-month approval period in Item 24 and an (R) in Item 36. 
  9. revised text(System)  Centrally enters an (F) in Item 80 code 656 and sends Form 4769, Redetermination Fact Sheet. 

revised textThese cases will not be enrolled in Mid-Point Reporting status (Item 80 656 code (I)) until their next face-to-face REDE. 

NOTE: When assigning a new 6-month approval period include any Mercury months as part of the new approval period. 

  1. If the case receives TANF, code the case that a REDE was completed.
  2. If the case receives FHP, and countable income is less than 133% of the FPL, code the case that a REDE was completed. Take appropriate action on any adults in the case.
  3. If changes are reported on Form 4765 or Form 4764, make the change effective for the first month of the new 6-month approval period, except for reported additions. For additions, make the change for the fiscal month of report.
  1. (FCRC) If Form 4765 or Form 4764 is received incomplete or unsigned, or additional verification is required, send Form 1721 to request the required action/information. Allow the unit 10 calendar days to respond. When everything needed to determine eligibility is received, process the REDE and assign a new 6-month approval period.
    1. For SNAP, if the unit does not complete the required action(s) within the 10-day period, deny the application. If the missing verification is for an expense deduction, process the application using $0 for the deduction.

      NOTE: When a client with a denied EZ REDE application cooperates or provides missing verification, reopen the application from the date of cooperation. See WAG 19-03-08

    2. For TANF, if the unit does not complete the required action(s) within 10 days, place the case in zero grant using TA 31/TAR 39 and enter code 2 in Item 34. The case is centrally SWAPPED to FHP after 2 months.
  2. (FCRC) For Cash or AABD Medical cases, if the case remains eligible, and no one in the unit is working, remove the case from EZ REDE status by deleting Item 36 code R. Item 80 code 656 EZ RD is centrally deleted.  Enter code 651 EE and the 4-digit month/year that the client received their last paycheck.