WAG 19-07-03

When a cash or AABD medical case reports a change and they no longer meet the requirements for Mid-Point Reporting, leave the case in Mid-Point Reporting status until the next scheduled REDE. If the client has no budgetable earnings at the next REDE, remove the case from Mid-Point Reporting status.

revised manual textWhen a SNAP case meets the following criteria, remove the case from Mid-Point Reporting status at the next REDE: 

  • revised manual textThe SNAP household lives in a non-exempt area and has a member subject to SNAP Work Requirement ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits. As of January 1, 2018, only persons residing in DuPage County, regardless of Office of Choice are subject to SNAP Work Requirement ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits. All other counties in the State are exempt from the SNAP Work Requirement ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits, see WAG 03-25-01, WAG 19-07-01. A nonexempt customer who would have to meet the work requirement if the policy was in effect in the waived counties are required to participate in SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) where the program operates and provider slots are available PM 03-25-01, PM 21-06-01.