PM 19-07-02

Cases are enrolled in Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) status as follows:

New Approvals

(System) For regular roll approvals out of IES and Service Coordination enrolls the following cases into Mid-Point Reporting for the first regular roll month with an Item 80 code 656 code (I) and code (R) in Item 36. 

  • TANF units with earnings; and 
  • SNAP units in any Category; except
    • TANF units with SNAP and the case has no earned income ; and
    • SNAP units where all adults are qualifying members and the case has no earned income.

(FCRC) Enters code (RX) in Item 36 to exclude any case not meeting the Mid-Point Reporting criteria. See PM 19-07-01.

(FCRC) Item 24, Approval Period End Date, enters the 12th month after the first month that benefits were issued. The first month benefits were issued is the first month of the approval period. For example, if 11/15 was the first month of benefits (TA 11/TAR 02 action), then 10/16 is entered in Item 24.

NOTE: In situations where a 2-month approval period is given because of expedited service or due to a pending cash or medical application, the Mid-Point Reporting approval period begins after the initial approval period. For example, if a 2 month approval was issued for 11/15 and 12/15 pending a medical approval, the Mid-Point Reporting approval period would begin with the REDE application approved for 01/16. The Item 24 date would be 12/16 (01/16-12/16).

new manual materialFor each SNAP case approved with an Item 80 code 656 (I) and Item 36 (R), Redetermination Fact Sheet (Form 4769) is centrally sent. The form includes the unit's Gross Income Standard.

Active Cases

(FCRC) For active cases meeting the Mid-Point Reporting criteria (see PM 19-07-01that report earnings enter the earned income in Item 90 and enter code (R) in Item 36.  Item 80 code 656 (I) is centrally entered indicating that the next point of contact is the interim Mid-Point Reporting form and Form 4769, Redetermination Fact Sheet. Form 4769 describes the Mid-Point Reporting process, and includes the SNAP unit's Gross Income Standard for SNAP reporting purposes.

(System) Sends Employment Checklist (Form 3430) revised manual materialto all TANF cases.