WAG 19-07-01

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What is a Mid-Point Reporting Unit (MPR)?

A Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) unit is a regular roll TANF case with earnings and any case with SNAP benefits except: 

The following cases are excluded from MPR:

  • SNAP cases where all the adults are qualifying members and the case has no earned income; and
  • TANF cases with SNAP and the case has no earned income.

revised manual textMid-Point Reporting Status

  • A case is in Mid-Point Reporting status from the date of approval an initial application approved out of IES or in Service Coordination;
  • An active case is converted to Mid-Point Reporting status when earned income is budgeted on the regular roll (for the Legacy System Item 80 code 656 is (I) and Item 36 is coded R).

revised manual textCase No longer Meets MPR Status

  • A cash case with SNAP benefits is in Mid-Point Reporting status until the first REDE where no earned income is budgeted; see PM 19-07-03 and WAG 19-07-03.
  • A SNAP only case stays in Mid-Point Reporting status until a unit member has to meet the SNAP Work Requirement and lives in an area that is non-exempt. Because the entire state is currently exempt from the SNAP Work Requirement, this does not currently apply, see WAG 03-25-01.