WAG 19-07-01

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What is a Mid-Point Reporting Unit (MPR)?

A Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) unit is a regular roll TANF case with earnings and any case with SNAP benefits except: 

The following cases are excluded from MPR:

  • SNAP cases where all the adults are qualifying members and the case has no earned income; and
  • TANF cases with SNAP and the case has no earned income.

Mid-Point Reporting Status

  • revised manual materialA case is in Mid-Point Reporting status from the date an application is approved in IES.
  • revised manual materialAn active case is converted to Mid-Point Reporting status when earned income is budgeted on the regular roll.

Case No longer Meets MPR Status

  • A cash case with SNAP benefits is in Mid-Point Reporting status until the first REDE where no earned income is budgeted; see PM 19-07-03 and WAG 19-07-03.
  • revised manual textA SNAP only case stays in Mid-Point Reporting status until a unit member has to meet the SNAP Work Requirement and lives in an area that is non-exempt. Effective January 1, 2018, DuPage County is no longer exempt from the SNAP Work Requirement policy. Non-exempt customers residing in DuPage County are subject to SNAP Work Requirement ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits,regardless of Office of Choice. All other counties remain exempt from the SNAP Work Requirement, but non-exempt customers who would have to meet the work requirement if the policy was in effect in their county must still participate in SNAP E&T where the program operates and provider slots are available.