WAG 19-07-00

new textThe Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 allows states the option to establish a Simplified Reporting System for SNAP.  EZ REDE is Illinois' Simplified Reporting System for SNAP.

An EZ REDE Unit is a regular roll Category 08 SNAP only case, any Family Medical (Category 94/96) case with SNAP benefits, or any case with SNAP benefits in any Category with earned income, or a TANF case with earned income.  See PM 19-07-01 for a complete description of an EZ REDE Unit.

An EZ REDE case is redetermined every 6 months. The REDEs alternate between a face-to-face REDE and a mail-in REDE. The income amount for the next 6 months is based on the income received in the last 30 days, unless the unit reports a change. If a change is reported use best estimate based on the client's statement; see PM 13-02-03.

NOTE: For redeterminations on TANF Earned Income cases without SNAP benefits, see PM 19-02-01-c.

During the approval period, an EZ REDE Unit is only responsible to report when their income exceeds the Gross Monthly Income Standard. When income exceeds the unit's Gross Monthly Income Standard in a calendar month, the SNAP unit must report this to the local office by the 10th calendar day of the next month.