WAG 19-07-00

revised textThe Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 allows states the option to establish a Simplified Reporting System for SNAP. Effective December 2015, Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) replaces EZ REDE as Illinois' Simplified Reporting System for SNAP.

revised textInitial applications approved out of IES and Service Coordination will be enrolled in Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) upon regular roll approval.

revise textActive EZ REDE cases meeting the Mid-Point Reporting criteria will be enrolled into Mid-Point Reporting at the next face-to-face EZ REDE. EZ REDE and 6-month approval periods will end when all active EZ REDE cases meeting the criteria have been enrolled into Mid-Point Reporting.

revise textA Mid-Point Reporting unit is a regular roll TANF case with earnings, or case with SNAP in any category, except SNAP units where all the adults in the unit are qualifying members and no earned income and TANF cases with SNAP and no earned income. See PM 19-07-01 for a complete description of a Mid-Point Reporting Unit.

revised textA Mid-Point Reporting case is redetermined every 12-months with an interim Mid-Point Report form completed in the 6th month of the approval period.  

revised textThe income amount for the next 12-months is based on the income received in the last 30 days, unless the unit reports a change.  If a change is reported use best estimate based on the client's statement; see PM 13-02-03.

NOTE: For redeterminations on TANF Earned Income cases without SNAP benefits, see PM 19-02-01-c.

revised textDuring the approval period, a Mid-Point Reporting Unit is only responsible to report when their income exceeds the Gross Monthly Income Standard, revised textexcept when the Mid-Point Report form is completed any changes related to the questions on the form must be reported. When income exceeds the unit's Gross Monthly Income Standard in a calendar month, the SNAP unit must report this to the local office by the 10th calendar day of the next month.