This code identifies cases with no earnings budgeted for a person who was reported by an employer to the New Hire Registry (see PM 22-14-02 and WAG 22-14-02).

The code also identifies a case where earnings and/or ending employment has not been documented by either the presence of Item 90 earned income codes or Item 80 651 EE for a person that was reported by an employer to the New Hire Registry. Code N does not appear if an entry of code H was made in Item 52 following the New Hire selection (see WAG 22-14-02).

Casework Action

  1. If the client responded to the central Form 1721A, budget income appropriately and determine any overpayment.
    1. If the income is from a child's earnings, it is exempt if the child is age 17 or younger, under the parental control of an FS unit member, and attending elementary or secondary school. If the child currently has exempt earned income, enter code 805 on Form 552 (see PM 08-04-01-g).
  2. Enter the letter N in Item 52 of Form 552 to remove the case from the PAL.
  3. If the central Form 1721A was sent and the client did not respond, terminate benefits following the directions in WAG 22-14-02.