PM 19-03-05.

All units are provided with a Notice of Expiration when the approval period ends.

  1. (System) Sends Form 360C, unless suppressed by the FCRC. Form 360C notifies the SNAP unit of its eligibility and, if necessary, of the expiration of its approval period.
  2. (FCRC) Mail Form 360 series if the SNAP REDE is processed through IPACS. Complete and send the correct pages and sections of the Form 360 series.
    1. If an office interview is scheduled, indicate on the correct section of the AIS screen "Notice of Expiration of Certification Period" the interview date for the unit to reapply.
    2. If a locally issued approval notice is sent, complete the correct section of Form 360 series advising the client of the office interview date. See WAG 26-02-01-a to complete Form 360 series.
    3. If you learn the client is deaf or hard of hearing, inform them of TTY services and the TTY number to use if they own or have access to a TTY.

      NOTE: TTYs are located in each FCRC. Clients who are deaf or hard of hearing and who have access to a TTY can communicate with their FCRC. See WAG 25-03-03, Family Community Resource Center Directory, for a listing of TTY numbers. 

  3. (System) Sends 2 copies of the list revised text"SNAP Units Receiving Form 1893 or Form 4893", which includes:
  • the mailing date of the notice;
  • the expiration of the approval period;
  • last date to complete Phone System Interview (PSI)
  • the cutoff date for regular roll approval of the SNAP REDE.

Additional columns are included for control purposes. The list also identifies if a revised textcase is in EZ REDE status, and that Form 4765 or Form 4764 is the application for these cases; see WAG 19-07-04-c.