PM 19-03-04

  1. revised textMake sure that the amount of housing costs (rent, mortgage, property taxes, State and local assessments, and homeowner's insurance) reported by the client at the SNAP REDE is documented in the case record. Verification of housing costs is not required.
  2. See PM 02-08-03 when verification is required at SNAP REDE. Use the Instructions to Client (Form 267) or the Instructions to Recipient (Form 1721) before the client interview to request needed verification. Prepare 2 copies of the form. Check only the information needed and enter an interview date.
    1. Send the client the original Form 267 or Form 1721 and keep the copy as a control.
  3. During the SNAP REDE interview, issue a 2nd Form 267 or Form 1721 if:
    • the SNAP unit comes to the interview, but does not provide the requested verifications, or
    • there are additional verifications that are needed which were not requested on the first Form 267 or Form 1721.

      When requesting additional verification, repeat steps 2 and 2a. Allow 10 calendar days for return of the information. 

  4. If the unit does not provide verifications other than proof of an expense, deny the SNAP REDE application.

    Example: Mr. A files an SNAP REDE application on 08/14. On 08/18, during the SNAP REDE interview, he reports that he receives Veteran's benefits.

    The caseworker completes Form 267 or Form 1721 to request proof of income. Mr. A has until 08/28 to provide the information.

    Mr. A does not provide the requested information by the 08/28 due date. On 08/29, the worker denies Mr. A's SNAP REDE application. 

  5. revised textIf the unit does not provide proof of an expense for which verification is required, approve the SNAP REDE application without allowing a deduction for the expense. Do not deny an application for failure to verify an expense. Document the reason why the expense was not allowed.

Note: SNAP units entitled to the Standard Medical Deduction remain eligible for the deduction if they state that their medical expenses continue to exceed $35.  Do not verify expenses exceed $35 unless their statement is questionable.

SNAP units that choose to use actual medical expenses because they exceed the Standard Medical Deduction must verify the actual expenses. If the unit verifies that medical expenses exceed $35 but fails to verify total monthly medical expenses, allow the appropriate Standard Medical Deduction.  If the unit fails to verify any medical expenses, the unit is not entitled to a medical expense deduction.

revised text