PM 19-03-03

Scheduling the Interview

  1. (FCRC)When Form 1893 is returned to the office, reviews the notice to see if the customer is requesting a phone interview or an office interview. If the customer requests a phone interview, schedule a phone interview not an office interview.

Note:  If the customer loses Form 1893 or comes to the FCRC without the 1893, provide them with Form 683.

  1. (FCRC) Sends the customer Form 1721 with the date and time of the interview. For phone interviews also include the caseworker name and telephone number for them to call. Indicate any additional information or documents that are needed on Form 1721.

Registration of a SNAP REDE

Register a SNAP REDE application:

  • when you have to issue Mercury benefits; or
  • when the SNAP REDE application is to be denied; or
  • for any REDE that is not completed on the regular rolls using same day processing.

NOTE: These registration requirements apply to all REDE applications, including both mail-in and face-to-face EZ REDEs.

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To register through IPACS, complete Form 552 as follows:

  • Item 1 -Enter case identification (ID) number.
  • Item 2 -Enter the 6-digit date (month, day, and year) the application form was received in the Family Community Resource Center as indicated. For example, July 6, 1997 is entered as 07-06-97.
  • Item 3 -Enter 02.
  • Item 4 -Enter 7.
  • Items 5, 6, & 8-10 -Complete.
  • Item 33 -Enter 02, 03, 04, 06, or 07 as required.
  • Item 53 - Enter the county of residence. The county of residence is the 3 digit code corresponding to the office number of the FCRC located in the household's county of residence.

Reregistration of an SNAP REDE

Reregister an SNAP REDE application on a pending Cash/SNAP or Medical/SNAP application after authorizing a one or 2-month expedited SNAP (TA 11/TAR 02) approval period. Reregistration restores a Cash or Medical SNAP application to pending status.

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To reregister via IPACS, complete Form 552 as described in Step 1 above, with the following exceptions:

  • Item 2 -Enter a reapplication date. The date cannot be the same as the original application date.
  • Item 3 -Enter 02.
  • Item 33 -Enter 07.

A TAR 07 action allows a SNAP case to be approved as part of the ongoing Cash or Medical application or, when required, progressed to Category 08 (SNAP Only).

If a case ID number must be changed because the Cash or Medical application was denied, change the case number to Category 08 (see WAG 25-07-04-a).

For SNAP REDEs Not Processed Through Intake:

For SNAP REDEs not processed through intake, the SNAP REDE application form is:

  • The SNAP Redetermination Application (Form 1893) or Application for SNAP (Form Form 683) for all SNAP units except EZ REDE Units, or
  • Redetermination Application (Form 4764) or Redetermination Application (Form 4765) for EZ REDE Units regardless of Category (see WAG 19-07-04). revised textSee WAG 19-07-04-b and WAG 19-07-04-d for changes to the approval process for EZ REDE cases and Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) PM 19-07-01.