PM 19-02-06-c

Review the RSP and monitor the client's progress in achieving the goals at least once every 30 days (face-to-face). When necessary, check a client's progress more often. Update the RSP as needed.

Revised textWhen the case management visit is completed, update Item 80 code 675 CAF whether or not the RSP is revised. Change the 4-digit date that appears with the code to reflect the month and year the case management visit is completed.

DCFS Intact Families

If a client receives services from both DHS and DCFS, caseworkers from both agencies must participate in ongoing communication and collaborative service planning to facilitate the client's progress toward both agency's goals.

The types of ongoing collaboration and communication that should occur between the caseworkers includes, but is not limited to:

  • working to avoid scheduling conflicts;
  • providing the family sufficient notification of appointments, court hearings, work activities, etc.;
  • avoiding duplication of services;
  • sharing information regarding community resources;
  • sharing information about potential barriers that may impact the client's progress toward the jointly established goals;
  • partnering together to stress the importance of plan activities when clients do not cooperate with established goals;
  • maintaining up-to-date consents to allow ongoing communication; and
  • informing each other of changes in the family's situation.

Reporting for DCFS Intact Families

The method of communication for tracking and monitoring is the Change Progress Report (Form 2151A).

On a monthly basis, use Form 2151A to report information to the DCFS worker. Provide a copy of Form 2151A to the DHS liaison. Report the following on the form:

  • the family's progress toward goals;
  • service changes that have occurred or are expected to occur in the upcoming month;
  • change of address;
  • change in family composition;
  • potential conflicts with DCFS activities; and
  • any other problems or changes that have occurred since the last report to DCFS.

The DCFS caseworker also sends Form 2151A monthly to DHS.

Update the RSP, as appropriate, each time information is received from DCFS.

Keep a record of all exchanges of information with DCFS, whether in person or by phone, in the case record.