WAG 19-02-05.

IES Phase 2 Process

new textUpon implementation of the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) phase 2, the process for completing a redetermination is changed. The REDE process is described in PM 19-02-04.

Legacy Process

The REDE process is complete when:

  • the review form has been completed, signed, and returned by the client, if necessary;
  • all factors of eligibility have been reviewed;
  • necessary information about eligibility factors is obtained;
  • a decision of ongoing eligibility is made; and
  • correct authorization, reporting, and case record documents are completed.

Report that a Medical REDE was completed any time all factors of eligibility that can change are reviewed. This means income, assets (AABD only), presence in the home, and Illinois residence.

Report a REDE when an EZ REDE or a Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) unit's REDE is completed for SNAP benefits that verifies the family is still eligible for medical benefits. Report a REDE for a companion case, if all eligibility factors for the companion case are provided.