WAG 19-02-02

For Assist cases:

  • Complete a REDE at least every 12 months. A client must cooperate in the child support enforcement process as asked (see PM 24-02-00).
  • Act on any information that shows a change which may affect eligibility or shows a spenddown. See PM 18 for policy on changes.

Family Health Spenddown cases which have an All Kids Assist member, a Moms and Babies member, or have met spenddown in the 8th, 9th, or 10th month remain active and are REDEd like all other Medical cases. Cases which do not have an All Kids Assist member, a Moms and Babies member, or have not met spenddown in a specific month centrally cancel and must reapply.

NOTE: Cases who do not meet spenddown in the first 6 months of eligibility are not centrally canceled.

new textAdministrative Renewals/REDES:

Administrative renewals only apply to children on Family Assist, All Kids Assist, Share and Premium Level 1 cases. See PM 06-08 for more information about All Kids Share and Premium.

With Administrative Renewals, if families do not have changes to report, they do not have to return the REDE form to continue receiving medical benefits for children.