PM 19-02-01-b.

 new manual materialMid-Point Reporting Households

A REDE is required every 12 months for TANF cases with earnings (with or without SNAP). These cases are in Mid-Point Reporting status and are coded with an Item 80 code 656 (I) and an (R)in Item 36. 

  • The due date of the REDE is governed by the last month of the SNAP approval period listed in Item 24; or
  • For cases without SNAP, a REDE form is mailed in the 12th month following the month of the last opening date of the case and every 12 months thereafter. For example, if the last opening date is 12/01, a REDE form is sent every December.

See WAG 19-07-04 for the Mid-Point Reporting  process and WAG 19-02-01-d, WAG 19-02-01-c for TANF related instructions.