1. Send Form 2378KCB to the family with Form 267KC. Request that the signed form be returned within 10 days.
    1. Code all persons age 19 and over as Family Health Spenddown if spenddown is met.
    2. Leave all persons under 19 in All Kids Assist status for the 10-day period.
  2. If a completed Form 2378KCB is not returned within 10 days, put all persons under 19 in spenddown status. Send Form 2434A to the family.
  3. If a completed Form 2378KCB is returned within 10 days, take action to delete the person(s) from the Assist or Moms and Babies case, or cancel the case if everyone is going to be approved on a All Kids Share, All Kids Premium, or All Kids Rebate case. Suppress the central notice.
  4. Set up a All Kids Rebate case for the person(s) under 19 for the current processing month.
  5. Send Form 2434E to the family.