1. (System) Sends Medical Extension Report Form (Form 3361) to the client. Form 3361 is sent at Group 00 submittal cut-off for the 4th, the 7th, and the 10th month of the 12-month extension.
  2. (Client) 2. Returns Form 3361 to the Medical Extension Unit (MEU) by the first calendar day of the 4th, 7th, or 10th month of the medical extension.
    1. (MEU) If there is a dependent child in the home and income is below 185% of the FPL after deducting child care, no action is taken and the case remains eligible for extended medical.
    2. (MEU) If there is no dependent child in the home, cancels case with TA 22/TAR 76.
    3. (MEU) If income is above 185% of the FPL, deletes the adults. Persons under 19 remain active as a All Kids Assist case.
  3. (Client) Does not return Form 3361.
    1. (MEU) If the family receives food stamp benefits, reviews food stamp records through ACID.
    2. (MEU) If eligibility can be determined for another program, makes appropriate changes.
    3. (MEU) If eligibility cannot be determined for another program or if the family does not receive food stamp benefits, deletes adults.
    4. (MEU) Cancels adult-only case with TA 22/TAR 88.

      NOTE: If a client says they did not get Form 3361 or lost it, call MEU at (217) 785-9792. A replacement Form 3361 is sent if the client made the request for the form by the 10th workday after the first day the new medical extension period would have begun. If the client requests the form after that date, another Form 3361 is not issued to them and they must reapply in order to continue receiving medical. 

  4. (FCRC) Calls the MEU for information on decisions made by them.
  5. (MEU)  Provides the Family Community Resource Center with the information needed for an appeal.