PM 18-05-06.

Funds for extended medical benefits can be either:

  • a 50/50 match of state and federal funds. This applies to cases canceled when TANF or Family Assist was received for 3 of the last 6 months before cancellation and the employed person is in the benefit unit, or
  • 100% state funds for deleted textTANF and Family Assist cases.

For TANF, the TAR reflects the reason the case is being canceled:

  • TANF TARs 14, 57, and 58 are funded with federal match.
  • TANF TARs 08, 83, and 84 deleted textare all state funds.
  • TANF TAR 21 is funded by federal match the first 4 months and state funds the last 8 months.

Federal match for Family Assist cases is determined centrally by the computer system.

Extensions beyond the first 6 months are done by the central office.

The following examples show how the medical extension works:

Example 1: A client in Group 01 starts working in early June and will earn enough to meet the needs of the unit. Cash ends starting with July. The potential 12-month extension starts with July and ends the following June. This period applies even if the income was not reported in June.

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Example 2: A Family Assist client starts working in September. Earnings exceeded the Family Assist Standard beginning in October. The potential 12-month extension starts with October and ends the following September.

Example 3: A grandmother included in a TANF unit with her grandchildren goes to work. She earns enough to make herself ineligible, but her grandchildren stay eligible. The grandmother is eligible for the medical extension.