PM 18-05-01.

Example 1: The A family is determined eligible for TANF on 02/03/00. Each person in the case under 19 is eligible for Medicaid through 02/28/01.

Example 2: Ms. B, age 17, receives All Kids Assist for herself and her daughter, Barbara. Both Ms. B and her daughter are eligible for Medicaid for 12 months since both are under age 19.

Example 3: The C family was determined eligible as a spenddown on 03/03/00 for themselves and their daughter, Karen, age 12. The family meets their spenddown for 03/00 through 09/00 due to an old hospital bill.

Karen is not automatically eligible for Medicaid for 12 months because she is only eligible for Medicaid because she met her spenddown.

Example 4: Mr. and Mrs. D, age 25 and 26, apply for benefits on 02/01/03 for themselves and their 3 year old daughter. They request backdating to 11/02.

The family's income is below the All Kids Assist Standard for 11/02. Eligibility is determined on 03/04/03. The daughter is eligible for Medicaid from 11/01/02 through 03/31/03, regardless of changes in income.