WAG 18-04-04

SNAP clients not included in EZ REDE are required to report a change in housing costs within 10 days.  Accept the customer's statement of the new housing costs amount and update the case with the new information. Verification of the expense is not required.

revised textBesides FCRC and HFS Central Unit staff, staff from Child Support, Work and Training (Bureau of Employability Services or Teen Parent Services Contractual staff), the Bureau of Customer Support and Services, or the HFS Health Benefits and All Kids Hotline, can change the client's address on the Client Database when they learn of an address change. new textThe address may also be updated when a change was reported to the U.S. Postal Service via the National Change of Address (NCOA) update process.

When an address change is made on a case not in EZ REDE, and the FCRC does not know the new housing costs, make the change if the unit later reports the expense (see PM 18-04-00). Treat the information as if the SNAP unit reported a change in circumstances. Increase benefits for the fiscal month following the fiscal month the change was reported, if the change results in an increase.

If a change in the expense is not reported, leave Item 80 Code 345 and Code 349 as they are until the next REDE.

For cases in EZ REDE, act on any change if reported by the unit. If the EZ REDE unit reports a change in housing costs, update the case to reflect the reported change.