WAG 18-03-03

Filing unit policy does not apply to a Family Health Plans case.

If the mother receives medical, revised textthe newborn's eligibility is 'deemed'. The only information needed to add a newborn is the newborn's last name, date of birth, and sex. A newborn is eligible for medical up to age one without requiring a written request or verifications if the mother was eligible for and received medical when the child was born.

If the mother is not in the case, a written request and verifications are required.

When there is a written request, send a notice of approval or denial to the client no later than 45 calendar days from the date of the request. Under IES Phase 2, the Notice of Decision (Form 360C) is automatically generated when newborns are added to a case, and when a request to add a newborn is denied.

  • Mother Received Medical When Baby was Born

    Add the newborn back to the date of birth. 

    • NOTE: If the mother was receiving medical at the time of the newborn's birth, never put the newborn in spenddown status. 
  • Mother No Longer Receives Medical

    The child may qualify for medical benefits in a Newborn EDG even if the mother no longer receives medical, but was eligible for and received medical at the time of the child's birth. 

  • Moms & Babies

    See PM 06-09-00 to start medical. 

  • All Kids Share and All Kids Premium

    See PM 06-08-00 to start medical. 

Delete the child at age one if needed factors are not proven and the child is no longer eligible due to continuous eligibility. Both a written request and verifications are needed to provide Assist after 12 months. 

IES Phase 2 Action When Deemed Newborn Reaches Age 1

revised textIn IES Phase 2, deemed newborns will receive a certification period that aligns with their 1st birth date. For example, if the newborn is born on July 4th, they will be certified until July of the following year, for a total of 13 months.