WAG 17-05-02-d.

Revised TextAssign up to a 24-month approval period when the SNAP payee receives:

  • AABD Medical (categories 91, 92, 93), or
  • AABD Cash (categories 01, 02, 03, P1, P2, P3), and
  • the unit has no earned income, and
  • all adult SNAP members are qualifying members.

Revised TextFor AABD Cash or Medical units where the person with the earned income does not receive AABD Cash or Medical, the unit is an EZ REDE unit with a 6-month approval period, see PM 17-05-02-b.

Revised TextAll other AABD Cash or Medical units have a 12-month approval period.

When possible, set the end date of the SNAP approval period so that the SNAP REDE and the Medical or Cash REDE come due at the same time.