PM 17-02-06.

revised text(FCRC) If the ANQR and ACID inquiries show that a person(s) is included in another active SNAP case:

  • Do not include that person(s) when approving the SNAP application for the other unit members.
  • Notify the SNAP unit that the person(s) will not be included until they are removed from the other SNAP case.
  • Advise the proper worker to delete the person(s) who is no longer living with their former SNAP unit.

If an applicant is the only person applying for SNAP, and the applicant is included in another active SNAP case:

  • Deny the SNAP application.
  • Advise the proper worker to delete the person who is no longer living with their former SNAP unit.

revised textAll SNAP approvals and Mercury issuances are processed and approved through IES unless:

  • the system is not working, or
  • revised textthere's a situation in which IES cannot process the SNAP application.

For approvals via IPACS see WAG 25-08-04.

Item 39 Client Notice Codes for All Approvals, Including Mercuries

The code entered in Item 39 determines whether the system centrally sends the decision notice to the SNAP Unit, or suppresses the central notice.

deleted text

AABD Cash and RRA approvals must be processed through IPACS. Enter 00, 90, 91 and 92 for AABD Cash/SNAP and RRA Cash/SNAP approvals through IPACS. For RRA MANG/SNAP approvals through IPACS, enter 00, 80, 91 or 92 in Item 39.

Centrally Issued Notice of Decision (Form 360C)

(System) If coded not to suppress, sends Form 360C to applicant if they apply for:

  • SNAP only; or
  • SNAP along with TANF, FHP, or AABD Medical.

Form 360C identifies the:

  • person(s) approved for SNAP benefits;
  • person(s) denied SNAP benefits, and gives the reason why they were found not eligible;
  • benefit amount; and
  • approval period.

If first month, 2nd month, and first month's regular roll benefits are issued separately, a separate Form 360C is sent for each issuance.

Locally Issued Notice of Decision (Form 360 Series)

See WAG 26-02-00 for detailed information on how to complete the Form 360 series.

(FCRC) Complete and send the SNAP unit the correct pages and subsections of the manual Form 360 series when the application is:

  • for cash and SNAP and approved through IPACS; or
  • revised textprocessed through IES and the Family Community Resource Center has reason to suppress Form 360C.

deleted text

When an application includes a person(s) who is ineligible, complete and send the correct pages and sections of the Form 360 series to tell the SNAP unit about the reason for their ineligibility. revised text