WAG 17-02-01-b

Authorize TANF benefits as presumed eligible (PE) in the following situations:

  • Pending Nonfinancial Verification From Third Party

    Approve a TANF applicant for PE if all eligibility factors have been met except for nonfinancial factors, and verification from a third party was requested in writing by the applicant or Family Community Resource Center. When a TANF application is presumed eligible for this reason, the case may stay in PE status for up to 3 regular payment months. The initial prorated entitlement (IPE) period does not count in the 3-month period.

    Approve a TANF applicant for PE if the person is unable to obtain verifications due to current or past domestic or sexual violencerevised text, or a risk of future violence.

  • Caretaker Relative is Alleged Father

    Approve a TANF applicant for PE if the applicant is the alleged father of the child(ren) for whom he is applying, meets all eligibility factors other than relationship, and meets the special requirements for this situation (see PM 03-05-01).

    If a TANF-PE case continues to meet all other eligibility factors and the alleged father cooperates with HFS's Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE), the case may stay in PE status until the alleged father is named the legal father. The 3-month time limit does not apply to these cases.

    NOTE: If an alleged father who previously received TANF-PE, and who was canceled due to noncooperation reapplies, do not reinstate the case or PE it again for the same reason, unless the father had a valid reason for noncooperation with DCSE. 

Approve a TANF-PE case for regular TANF:

  • when the missing nonfinancial verifications are received within 3 payment months and the case meets all eligibility factors, or
  • when relationship is legally established between the alleged father and his child(ren).

Deny the TANF-PE case, or delete the ineligible person(s) and approve the case for regular TANF, if:

  • the 3-month TANF-PE period ends (nonfinancial PE reason) and all eligibility factors are not documented; or
  • DCSE reports that an alleged father (alleged father PE reason) has not cooperated in establishing he is the legal father.

    NOTE: If relationship was established for at least one child, remove any child(ren) for whom relationship was not established and set up a 94R (Ribicoff) case for them, using the original application. Approve the case for the father and his legal child(ren) for regular TANF.

See PM 17-04-01-a for additional policy related to denying a TANF-PE case.