For cases placed in protective payment status at the Protective Payee Service Unit (PPSU) in Cook County, for reasons other than nonpayment of CHA rent:

  1. (PPSU) Informs the Family Community Resource Center of their decision to end the protective payment plan, by sending Referral or Route Sheet (Form 1044).
  2. (IM) Submit latest Form 552 printout:
    • Item 3 -Enter 31.
    • Item 8 -Line out protective payee and add proper payee name.
    • Item 46 -Line out Direct Deposit information.
  3. (IM) Notify client and PPSU that the plan is ending. Use side 2 of Protective Payment Plan Agreement (Form 2391) for this purpose.

NOTE: The case must return to regular payment status within 30 days from date of Form 1044.