1. Figure the total amount of the monthly spenddown for each month of the 12-month enrollment period using AIS or Form 2383A or the ACM MANG Actual Screens.
  2. Enter the amount from line B9 of Form 2383A under AMOUNT in Item 80 on Form 552 following code 390 SPD, when enrolling a spenddown case which is not being processed through AIS.
  3. Enter the correct indicator code following the spenddown amount shown in Item 80.

    1 = spenddown "met"-split-bill
    2 = spenddown "not met"
    3 = spenddown "met"-carryover 

  4. Enter code 158 CI, the amount of monthly countable income, and the 2-digit number to report the number of persons included in the income standard. If there is no countable income enter 0.00.