WAG 15-06-01-c

revised textThe income standard for FamilyCare Assist for parents and caretaker relatives is 138% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The FPL is updated yearly.

Updated income standards are in WAG 25-03-02(2).

new textUsing pre-MAGI Income Standards on Grandfathered FamilyCare cases

Use new MAGI income standards for FHP REDEs effective for the month of April 2014 and later, and when processing a change in income or family size on a FHP or ACA Adult case.

However, a second eligibility determination using the pre-MAGI (legacy) income standards and methodology is required in the following situation:

  • the case was initially determined under legacy budgeting methodology (applications received before 10/1/2013),
  • worker is processing a reported change prior to the first regularly scheduled REDE that will use MAGI budget, and
  • a FamilyCare recipient becomes ineligible solely due to MAGI budgeting methodology.

Example: Ms. Jones receives FamilyCare and All Kids Assist for her two children, 6 year old Bobby and 3 year old Susie. Initial approval was in 2012 and her next regularly scheduled REDE is due in September 2014. On April 1st she reports that she has a new job and will earn $2,300 per month. She reports that she pays $200 per month for child care and reports no other expenses. Eligibility is calculated for Ms. Jones only (the children retain continuous eligibility).

MAGI Budget *Legacy Budget
Gross Income $2,300 $2,300
Deductions 0

$90 Employment deduction

+ $200 child care cost

= $290 total deductions

Countable Income $2,300 $2,010 (2,300 - 290)
FamilyCare Standard $2,276 (138%) $2,193 (133%)

Since Ms. Jones' countable income is over the MAGI standard, a second calculation is completed using legacy budget. Since her countable income under legacy budget is under the pre-MAGI income standard, she is grandfathered in until her first regularly scheduled REDE under MAGI budget methodology is done.

*Use Form 2383A, FamilyCare/All Kids Assist Computation Sheet, to complete legacy budget.