WAG 15-05-02

To determine countable monthly income for all Family Health Plans (except Family Assist) new textand CountyCare deduct the following items, in the order listed, from the unit's nonexempt monthly income:

  • allowable business expenses for self-employed persons (see PM 15-04-02-b);
  • $90 employment deduction for each employed client;
  • earned income exemption (see PM 15-04-02-c for the appropriate amount);
  • child care expenses due to employment (see PM 15-04-02-b);
  • up to $50 per month from current child support received (see PM 15-04-02-f);
  • revised textspousal or child support that was actually paid to someone not in the unit (see PM 15-04-02-f ).

Deducting the amounts listed above from total nonexempt income determines the countable monthly income available to apply to the medical care costs.