PM 14-02-02.

The following examples show how FS Unit policy applies to different family situations.

Example 1: Ms. W, age 17, and her child receive TANF Cash. Ms. W reported that her child's father, Mr. M, moved into the home. Ms. W states that she buys and prepares food separately from Mr. M. Ms. W and Mr. M are not married and Mr. M's name is not listed on her child's birth certificate. Since paternity has not been legally established, Mr. M cannot be added to the TANF case.

Since Ms. W states that Mr. M is her child's father, Ms. W, her child, and Mr. M must all be included in the same FS Unit.

Example 2: Mrs. Z and her 19 year old daughter live together. The daughter buys and prepares food separately for herself and her child. Mrs. Z's daughter does not qualify as a separate FS Unit because she is under age 22.