PM 13-01-01

Determine a unit's eligibility as follows:

  • Compare gross income to the Gross Income Standard. 
  • If gross income eligible, determine net SNAP income in order to determine the benefit amount.  If net income is above the level where benefits are issued, the unit is ineligible.  Units of one and two receive a monthly minimum benefit amount.
  • If income is over the Gross Income Standard, deny benefits, unless every person in the SNAP unit is authorized to receive TANF or SSI, or unless the unit is a qualifying member unit. 

Units with a Qualifying Member with Income Over Gross

For units that include a qualifying member, with gross income more than the gross income standard (200% FPL), do not deny but determine net monthly income.  Compare this figure to the Net Monthly Income Chart.  If the net income is at or below the standard, determine the unit's monthly benefit.

Units with a Member Paying Court Ordered Child Support

Deduct from the gross monthly income the amount of the child support deduction (PM 13-01-07). If the SNAP unit is gross income eligible, compute the net income using normal budgeting procedures. Also, allow the child support deduction in the calculation of net monthly income.

Example: Mr. J applied for SNAP. His support order is for $200 per month. He provides a statement from his employer that child support payments will be deducted from his paycheck. His child support deduction for the approval period is $200.

revised manual text$1,675 Total Earned Income
+ 0  Gross Unearned Income
revised manual text$1,675  Total Income
- 200  Child Support Deduction 
revised manual text$  1475 Maximum Gross Income Standard for 1 = $1,670.

Mr. J is gross income eligible.

Units with a Member Disqualified for an IPV or Work Provision Sanction

  1. Determine gross monthly income and compare the result to the Gross Monthly Income Standard (See WAG 13-01-01-a).
  2. If gross income is equal to or less than the Gross Monthly Income Standard, determine Net Monthly Income.
  3. Compare net monthly income to the Net Monthly Income Standard.
  4. If net income is equal to or less than the Net Monthly Income Standard, the unit is eligible. Determine the SNAP unit's monthly benefit amount.

revised manual textIES determines income eligibility and benefit amount based on the income and expense amounts entered on the income and expense screens.