WAG 13-01-01

revised textThere are 2 types of SNAP Monthly Income Standards: Gross Monthly Income and Net Monthly Income.  SNAP units must meet the Gross Monthly Income Standard with the following exceptions: 

  • revised textA qualifying member unit that exceeds the Gross Monthly Income Standard to be categorically eligible (WAG 13-01-01-a) may still qualify for benefits if they meet the Net Monthly Income Standard (WAG 13-01-01-b).
  • new textSNAP units with a member disqualified for an Intentional Program Violation or sanctioned for failure to comply with a work provision must meet both the Gross and Net Monthly Income Standards.  SNAP units that include a blind, elderly, or disabled person who meets the Qualifying Member criteria (see PM 05-06-01) only need to meet the Net Monthly Income Standard for the unit's size.
  • new textWhen every person in the unit is authorized to receive TANF, GA, or SSI, including SSI cases in recoupment or suspension status the unit is categorically eligible and are not required to meet the Gross or Net Monthly Income Standard.