WAG 10-01-06

When adding a person with budgetable income to a case, budget their income prospectively. If the income is earned, determine eligibility and benefit amount allowing the revised text3/4 earned income deduction. When adding a person with budgetable earned income to a case, code the case to identify that earned income is present. If the case is already coded as such and you are adding a person with budgetable earned income to the assistance unit for a 6-month period in which earnings have already been budgeted:

  • Use the new person's income in determining prospective eligibility for the rest of the 6 months.
  • If eligible, use the earnings the new person received during the IPE period to determine the amount of the IPE. Rebudget any of the months remaining in the 6-month period.

When deleting a person who has left the home, use the reduced unit size when determining prospective eligibility and benefit amount. Do not use the deleted person's income when determining the benefit amount for the month the member was deleted.