PM 08-04-01.

Sources for earned income information include:

  • Pay Stubs
  • New TextThe Work Number
  • Employer's Statements
  • AWVS Clearance
  • Pay Envelopes
  • Wage Tax Receipts
  • Self-employment Bookkeeping Records
  • Delete text
  • Current Business Records for Self Employed Persons
  • Employee's W-2 Form
  • State or Federal Income Tax Return
  • Sales and Expenditure Records
  • Employer's Wage Records
  • State Income Tax Bureau

Information may be provided on:

  • Request for Employment Verification (Form 266),
  • Request for Employment Verification (AABD) (Form 266A),
  • Request for Employment Verification (AABD Computerized) (Form 266ACF),
  • Request for Employment Verification Computerized (Form 266CF), or
  • Self-Employment Record (Form 2790).
  1. Put SNAP units with earned income in EZ REDE status.
  2. Use Automated Case Management (ACM) Form 2201, Summary Data and Actual Screens, to document information about the SNAP unit's nonexempt earned income. Entry is required for earned income cases processed through ACM.
    1. Enter employment information for unit members who have budgetable earned income.
    2. Access the screen via Option 9 on the ACM Menu or by pressing F3 from an ACM Actual Screen. A maximum of 9 Summary Data Screens may be called up. The screen corresponds to the Recipient Identification (RIN) entered on the Client Database (CDB) with codes 801 or 802. The Form 2201 Summary Data Screen is deleted by the system when an Actual Screen(s) containing code 801 or 802 is deleted.
  3. Enter the employer information, hours worked per month, verified gross earned income, and year-to-date gross amount from AIS Screen #16A/Form 2201 onto the appropriate ACM screens, when processing an ACM transaction for the first time after approval.
  4. Print Form 2201 Summary Data and ACM Actual Screens before deleting any Item 90 earned income codes.
  5. Print the Actual Screen(s) on a monthly basis to ensure that a record of verified earned income is maintained.
    1. File the printouts in the case record.
    2. Discard or recycle previous printouts.

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