PM 08-02-02.

New InformationSee policy memorandum dated 10/03/13 Verifications for Medical Programs.

New InformationSee Medical Morsel dated 04/01/14 Electronic Verifications for Medical Programs.

Sources for earned income information include:

  • Pay Stubs
  • New TextThe Work Number
  • Employer's Statements
  • AWVS Clearance
  • Pay Envelopes
  • Wage Tax Receipts
  • Self-employment Bookkeeping Records
  • Delete text
  • Current Business Records for Self Employed Persons
  • Employee's W-2 Form
  • State or Federal Income Tax Return
  • Sales and Expenditure Records
  • Employer's Wage Records
  • State Income Tax Bureau

Information may be provided on:

  • Request for Employment Verification (Form 266),
  • Request for Employment Verification (AABD) (Form 266A),
  • Request for Employment Verification (AABD computerized) (Form 266ACF), or
  • Request for Employment Verification (Computerized) (Form 266CF).

Figure all earned income in monthly amounts. See WAG 11-02-04 for budgeting nonexempt earned income.

The IRS requires employees to use IRS Form 4070 to report their tips to their employer. Use this form to verify tips that are not included on the employee's wage stubs. If no verifications are available, accept the client's statement about the amount of tip income.