WAG 08-01-07-f

Child support payments from absent parents are used when determining initial or ongoing eligibility for each eligibility test at Intake and for active cases.

When determining eligibility, disregard up to $50 of the support received in a month as a pass through. Child support payments sent to HFS are not deducted from the Payment Level when determining the benefit amount.

For budgeting of child support on Medical cases, see PM 15-04-03-f.

See PM 24-05-00 for a complete description of the various types of child support payments.

For child support payments made to a person who does not live with the child for whom the payment is intended, see PM 08-01-07-e.

Excess Child Support

Excess child support refunded to a client by the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) is budgeted as nonexempt unearned income for the next payment month that can be affected.

Revised TextWhen budgeting excess child support payments received by an employed client, deduct 3/4 of the excess support. Budget the remaining 1/4 for the next payment month that can be affected.

Pass Through

For TANF and all Family Health Plans, up to $50 each month of current ordered or voluntary child support received by the client or HFS is exempt. When the client receives the support, the Pass Through amount is disregarded. For cash cases, when HFS receives the support payment, the client is sent a Pass Through payment.