WAG 08-01-02-b

For each person with nonexempt earned income, an employment deduction is allowed at Intake and for SWAPs from Medical to Cash. The revised textinitial employment deduction is an amount which is equal to the difference between the payment level and 50% of the current FPL for the applicant's family size, or the amount of the income, whichever is less. The initial income deduction is only used for the first eligibility test when comparing income to the payment level.

The first eligibility test at intake and on SWAPS from Medical to Cash is for the first 30 days and the first regular roll month.

NOTE: revised textThe eligibility test based on the initial employment deduction does not apply:

  • if the case was canceled (or swapped) due to a combination of increased earnings and child support; and
  • they reapply for cash assistance within 6 fiscal months of the effective date of the cancellation (or swap request); and
  • child support payments have stopped.