WAG 07-04-17-b

Equity value is the fair market value of a vehicle minus any debts outstanding against it.

revised text Consider the equity value of all licensed vehicles for noncategorically eligible SNAP units (PM 05-07-00) except for the following:

  • One licensed vehicle for each adult SNAP unit member, regardless of its use.
  • Any vehicle exempted due to one of the reasons in PM 07-04-17-a.
  • Any other licensed vehicles used by unit members under the age of 18 to commute to and from:
    • employment, or
    • training or education to prepare for employment (does not include high school or college), or
    • to look for employment.

Temporary periods of unemployment do not affect this exemption. The above exemption applies to vehicles used by either eligible or ineligible unit members. See PM 04-05-07 for ineligible SNAP unit members.