PM 07-02-16

  1. (FCRC) Send copies of all trust agreements, or similar legal devices, that may be a Medicaid qualifying trust (MQT) to New textLong Term Care - Asset Discovery Investigation (LTC-ADI) in Springfield. Send the trust to LTC-ADI using Request for Specific Case Guidance (IL444-2150).

    NOTE: Only send trusts set up using the resources of the client and/or spouse. Do not send trusts that are set up with other funds, such as those created by a will. 

  2. (FCRC) When sending the trust, include:
    • information describing any investments and distributions made by the trustee; and
    • if a hardship waiver is being requested, any information related to the hardship.
  3. (LTC-ADI) Notifies the FCRC of:
    • whether the trust or similar legal device is a Medicaid qualifying trust;
    • the maximum distributable amount that is a resource and the amount that is monthly income; and
    • whether a requested hardship exception by the FCRC is approved or denied.