PM 07-02-08-c

Do not reduce the Revised text$6,402 prepaid burial limit on an irrevocable plan by the face value of disregarded non-exempt life insurance. Apply the amount in excess of the Revised text$6,402 prepaid burial limit to the customer's resource limit.

Example: A person owns the following assets:

Life Insurance with $1,000 face value, $500 cash value,
$10,800 irrevocable prepaid burial plan:
($4,000 designated for burial space), and
$1,000 savings account.

The resource limit is $2,000.

Subtract the $4,000 amount designated for burial space from the $10,800 total ($10,800 - $4,000 = $6,800). From the $6,800 amount subtract the revised text$6,402 irrevocable prepaid burial limit ($6,800 - revised text$6,402 = New Manual Material$398). Apply theNew Manual Material $398 remainder to the person's $2,000 resource limit. The person's total countable resources are: revised text$398 prepaid burial plus $1,000 savings account = revised text$1,398.