WAG 03-15-02.

A person is exempt from the work provisions if they are:

  • under age 16 or age 60 or older;
  • an ineligible SNAP unit member (see PM 04-05-07);
  • age 16 or 17 and not the SNAP payee;
  • a student enrolled at least half-time in any recognized school or training program, including a school of higher education. Students of higher education must also meet the student eligibility requirements (see PM 03-04-03-b).

Students remain exempt during the school term, school breaks, and school vacations unless they graduate, are expelled or suspended, drop out, or do not plan on registering for the next term (excluding summer school).

  • physically or mentally unable to work;
  • responsible for the care of a child under age 6, or for an incapacitated person revised text(the child or incapacitated person does not have to live in the home);
  • receiving UI, or applying for UI if they registered with Job Service as a part of the application process;
  • enrolled in and cooperating with a substance abuse treatment program;
  • working at least 30 hours per week or receiving weekly wages of 30 times the Federal minimum wage (see WAG 25-06-08); (The person can be employed or self-employed.)
  • a full-time Americorps VISTA volunteer under Title I or II of the 1973 Domestic Volunteer Services Act, as amended. For Title I programs, to be exempt, the person must have been receiving SNAP benefits, TANF, AABD, or GA at the time they joined Americorps VISTA.

Examples of Title I programs are Americorps VISTA, University Year for Action, or the Urban Crime Prevention Program. Examples of Title II programs are RSVP, Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), or the Active Corps of Executives (ACE).

NOTE: A person who receives TANF and SNAP benefits must comply with the TANF work and training requirements, unless they are responsible for the care of child under age 6.