PM 03-13-05-f.

  1. (System) Mails Reminder Warning (Form 3291) to active and suspended cases with a first or 2nd level (50%) sanction if they are not in zero grant. The notice is mailed twice, at schedule cut-off before the 2nd and 3rd months of the sanction, if the reason is still 01-12. The notice reminds the client that they must cooperate or they will receive no cash benefit for the 4th month.
  2. (System) Uses TA 32/TAR 15 to adjust the code 512 amount and place the case in zero grant with code C in Item 34 for the 3rd month after the DATE of the level 1 or 2 sanction if the reason code is still 01-12.
  3. (System) For all cases with a sanction that has a date more than 3 months in the past (including level 3 sanctions), generates a Batch Exception Message that says, "SWAP case to MANG."
  4. (FCRC) SWAP the case to Medical for the next month, using TA 81 or TA 82/TAR 48. Do not delete code 176 when taking the SWAP action.

If the client cooperates after the SWAP to Medical, SWAP the case back to cash 30 days following the date of the Form 3180. Retain code 176 on the SWAP, but change the reason code to 00. If the Medical is canceled and the client reapplies more than one month after the cancellation, delete the sanction code in AIS or on approval through IPACS.